#HSBC #HongKong #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 | #DiscoverHongKong #Sevens2019 seeing you, #NobodydoesRugbySevensLikeHongKong the sound of #Cheers to #HongKong…..

As Cathay Pacific Airways does the sound of a Life well-Travelled- travelling well  in capturing timeless sounds the destinations that travel towards.. in which HSBC –Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation does the same in capturing the sounds that’s cheering for the Hong Kong Sevens that taken place in between the fifth towards the seventh of April 2019..

In which it storytelling of the iconic sounds of Hong Kong with the Ding Dings- Hong Kong international iconic trams- Hong Kong Tramways.. the Musically narrative story writes  towards the living beats of the streets, towards the living sounds of  the people of Hong Kong in which towards the cheering crowds of the stadium with cheering energy of loving Hong Kong as they celebrated like nobody does rugby sevens like Hong Kong..

… In that Cathay Pacific Airways comes with a special edition package including the three day events ticket with Hotel Accommodation with extra shopping discounts with other perks that’s implied with terms and conditions…  In which you can book at your localised Cathay Pacific Office or via CathaPacific.com or via App travel site…

in which they too will be celebrating as one of the key founding sponsors of the Hong Kong Seven 2019 in celebrating along with Cathay Pacific in one of the many highest profile events in the Hong Kong SAR region in which Hong Kong Shanghai Bank –Hong Kong help to support the spotlighting of the startup innovations and innotech of some HSBC-Hong Kong business customers at the Hong Kong Sevens to show case that is an international major Hub Hong Kong innovation for startups..

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