#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 #BeltAndRoadinitiative | #LongMarch3B #CarrierRocket Deploying the #Tianlian 2-O1 #Telecommunication Satellite for the #Tianlian constellation network to assist #TiangongOne #SpaceLaboratory….

image credit Xinhua – launching of the Iconic reliable Long March 3B rocket in deploying the second Tialian Communications relay satellite.


On 31st March 2019- Sunday, CNSA – China National Space Administration have successfully launched its iconic reliable Long March 3B Carrier rocket in delivering an advance Data tracking Telecommunications Satellite…. In which launched without any issues on almost midnight  23:51 Beijing time … it is the 301st mission of the launching of the long march Carrier Rocket series…..

Launching the Long March 3B series carrier rocket into Geo Stationary orbit in launched from the CNSA’s Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in Sichuan Province.. Launching from the centre it the Tianlian II -02 Satellite is the second generation from its previous sister, designed, manufactured by the CAST- China Academy of Space Technology, building on trustworthy Tianlian II-01 DFH-4 framework in which the third sister will join up latterly to form a constellation. That it’s provisionment is to provide advance extremely high velocity telecommunications data relaying in which that will assistance with the communications network with the newly soon built Tiangong one Space Laboratory with the Shenzhou crew command module..

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