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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong in during the months or March 2019, from the first towards the thirty first day.. It’s the International iconic Acclaimed Hong Kong Arts Month… in which Internationally Hong Kong has been always known for its Arts throughout the city region from international, local, to communities’ art installations from ancient towards various forms of genre that’s cultured within the city.. Also during the same time is the ArtCentral in Hong Kong Waterfront events centre in Central…


As part of the International Hong Kong Arts Festival, there’s a numerous of layers of events that taken place in city region… with of innovative art installations around the city region in which new art venues, galleries show casing mysterious urban, with hidden art pieces..  among those events is the international art show that’s taken place is the 47th Hong Kong Arts festival featuring over 166 performances among with workshops, Art Basel the seventh season gathering overly 240 local, international galleries from thirty six countries, Art Central situated in Hong Kong Central waterfront events centre featuring over one hundred international leading galleries from the Asia pacific region in which thirty galleries will making their new entry into the international event..

Among that too is the World’s Leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation in celebrating the event with the one of their train lines all decorated artfully interior wise of Art Train celebrating the diversity of Art in Hong Kong, with more than five galleries to explore, with portrait, Porcelain, Neon art, Canton Opera, Street Art gallery in which if you scan the AR codes the art comes with life.. in which you can do face swapping with the Cantonese Opera gallery with an Opera Makeover holding this event is in which on the Island Line from seventh to twenty seventh March 2019….

Image credit – Discover Hong Kong- Hong Kong Arts Month 2019, returning is Kaw’s- Kaw’s Holiday exhibition…..

Among many international events in Hong Kong, there’s been one recent arrival this week of Kaw’s Holiday in which featuring the installation of a thirty seven meter long tall inflated art installation Monumental inflated companion in which has been floating making it ways towards Victoria Harbour in which Kaw’s Holiday installation will be relaxing on the on a thematically premise of relax and enjoy the moment in which is situated at the Central and Western District Promenade..

As there are other events within the city that takes place during the month is the centre for Heritage, arts and textiles, in which takes place at The Mills, previously a cotton spinning millers of Nan Fung Textiles, H Queens, M+ Pavilion, Tai Kwun, Xiqu Centre. Avenue of the Stars..

In the neighbouring districts is Artlane, Design District Hong Kong in Wan Chai, Draw HK, Also with the international iconic street art is the HK Walls 2019 street Art and mural festival, along with other events of HK Urban Canvas in which demonstrates the art of Shutter art throughout the Hong Kong districts, in focusing on food cultures.. Among that there are other Highlighted events with the 43rd Hong Kong International film festival, Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival, Asia Contemporary Art show….

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