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Harbour CIty – Hong Kong Arts Month featuring The Artcade merging arcades with art..


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, during International iconically Hong Kong’s Art Month in which at the iconic  Hong Kong Harbour Waterfront Event Center  is Art Central HQ. In which is happening at 27th to 31st March 2019… In which across the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour earlier is Harbour City Art meets gaming interactive exhibition in which bringing a concept theme of “Art In Life” into the world of children The ArtCade..  in the exhibition is located on the Atrium ground floor of Ocean Terminal 海港城- Harbour city Tsim Sha Tsui..  in which the gaming devices recollect to an era of arcade stations, Nintendo Gameboy also to of Pinball machines

It is the first time that Harbour City with a Retro-Eight’s theme, with thematics of Arcade games from 1980’s era in first time featuring invited artist Jérémie Cortial and Belgian artist Roman Miletitch in transforming the ground floor of the Atrium floor of Harbour City Ocean Terminal’s ground floor into a massive human or child size scale arcade arena..  Exhibiting featuring the interactive technologies of PAPERTRONICS in merging with fun with Art a gaming… as part of the entry administration fee is the One Hong Kong Dollar donation … in which the proceeds goes towards helping out Early Psychosis Foundation Hong Kong….

Among the interaction exhibits it’s the creative social community experience nature of fun that when before the Smart Phone came about translating those adult Arcade memories in sharing with children in which FLIPPAPER in which is an innovative pinball machine in which you as the artist draw you create your pinball game using various markers drawing with different colours markers that makes up the different instructions like  the blue pen represents the back wall, green for acceleration, red for bounce and yellow for score ….. PAPERTRONICS – a paper based mini game where you the artist create your own gaming with coloured pens on a blank white canvas in which your friends can join in play in the creation creating the game ….

During the exhibition, each session runs at forty five minutes session in with session times of : 1pm/ 2pm/ 3pm/ 4pm/ 5pm/ 6pm/ 7pm in which the children partaking must be ages four and over with one accompanying parent..

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