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XinHunaNet credited image of the CNSA China National Space Administration Long March 3B CZ-3B/G2 Carrier Rocket launching from Xichang Satellite Launch Center…


On 10th March 2019, launching from the one of many CNSA China National Space Administration launch complexes centres, is one launched from past midnight at 0028 in the morning Beijing time from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China’s Sichuan Province… launching from the Sichuan marking its three hundredth mission launch of the iconic Long March Carrier Rocket series in which manufactured fabricated by CAST –China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation …. Launching from a Long March 3B CZ-3B/G2…… 

Launching without any issues, meeting the Launching criteria, the payload that was launched a High velocity Broadcasting Telecommunications satellite powered with two solar arrays in which was built on a DFH-four bus chassis in which communicating with twenty five transponders in which place at GEO – Geostationary Orbit at 130 Degrees East  in providing a High quality Radio Television telecommunications in providing communications coverage range of China, Australia, New Zealand also the South Pacific Region..  The Communications Company is a China Satellite Communications Company LTD, known as China Satcom in which its parent company is CASC-China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation…

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