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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong is the 10th March 2019,  international Third series on a five day race in Hong Kong’s E-Prix in which for the 2018/19 ABB FIA Formula E Championships.. .. Holding the event for the third time in Hong Kong International Iconic Central Waterfront among with the International breath taking views of Hong Kong’s Skyline……

With Twenty two world famous drivers-representing eleven teams is the Formula E Generation two car in which is using electric racing vehicles to race instead the petroleum versions.. Racing around a 1.88 Kilometer Track competing in around ten burns with two hairpins with racing in a clockwise direction….

During the event showcasing it E-Formula racing is its Racing Electric vehicles innovation among with various positioning seating stage grandstand arrangements around the track with hosting the event is the Allianz E-Village. at the Hong Kong Central waterfront event center   In which supporting the event is many of the supporting organisations is  the Hong Kong Tourism board also the Hong Kong Automobile association … ticketing can be obtain at the Ticketflap website…

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