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As to with that vantage point is stunning timeless sunsets as the sun provides the warmth for the remaining of the evening..

I been doing something interesting, lately in which comparison with one of the tallest buildings Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong in with orthough is the ICC international Commerce Center tower building in West Kowloon in which nearby, very near Tsim Sha Tsui

Sitting at Austin Road West, West Kowloon, Tsim Sha TsuiHong Kong,….The ICC Tower building is at a height of 484 meters tall in which, is an international commerce Center, in which it’s hotel of the Ritz Carton Hong Kong in which was complete in 2010 in which is part of the Union square project on top of the massive Kowloon Station the construction was in collaboration by the world’s Leading transport provider MTR Hong Kong Corporation in collaboration with the Sun Hung Kai Properties..   In which the previous height design was previously 574 meters tall..  Design by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates with Wong Ouyang-Hong Kong…….

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Within the 484 Meters ICC International Commerce Center tower Building is below is the Massive West Kowloon MTR Station in which is connected to the MTR Mega Shopping Mall Elements… within the upper quarter section is one of the spectacular viewing Hong Kong encompassing in a 360 degrees view on one of the world leading city regions in the world  with timeless breathtakingly views during the day and night among with its international iconic night time life it has the largest ICC light and music show with its LED that surrounds the whole building on two sections of with 50,000 Square Meters… the light show is in connection with an international iconic acclaimed  night daily Symphony of lights show on Hong Kong Island that view within also Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

Among where the ICC stands its surroundings is within a residential apartment complexes with international unique architecture also its surrounding with upcoming as a West Kowloon Hong Kong Cultural District center with the west Kowloon cultural district with numerous museums, the Forbidden City –Palace Museum also place for Chinese Opera with the Xiqu Center Theatre….

… also how large is it being placed on landing position on Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong …

Among describing the West Kowloon Area of Hong Kong, is the recently doing size compares with the Star Trek Starship class of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 with how it stands from the bottom tip of the warp nacelles towards has it was raised vertically …  also how large is it being placed on landing position on Victoria Harbour …

Closer in view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour to scale wise of the Odyssey also the Yorktown class

Among with the Starship Classes that’s related to the USS Enterprise from Star Trek…  with many classes also it’s Captains .

NX series – 225 meters –Captain Jonathan Archer

Constitution Class -288.646 meters long – Captain Robert April, Christopher Pike, James T. Kirk

Constitution Class retrofit – Admiral James T.Kirk, Captain Spock, and Captain Matthew Decker

Excelsior Class retrofit – 511.25 meters –Captain John Harriman, Captain Demora Sulu, Captain William George, and Thomas Johnson….

Ambassador Class- 524.258 Meters – Captain Rachel Garret

Galaxy Class – 642.25 meters –  Captain Jean Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Edward Jellico

Sovereign Class – 725 meters – Captain Jean Picard, Captain Data..

Odyssey Class – 1061.1 meters – Captain Va’Kel Shon

Odyssey retrofit-Yorktown class -1041.5meters – Captain Va’Kel Shon

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