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This year in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is currently the year of the Dog, In which the next on celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year on the 5th February 2019 in Hong Kong Victoria Harbour with its international iconic fireworks with Cathay Pacific Airways leading the charge with the Cathay Pacific cabin crew international iconically celebrating dancing at Tsim Sha Tsui..

As the transitionally from the year of the Dog towards the New Years of the Pig, in which you’ve been working so hard in which it’s best to take a massive break from work or the environment around your work in where your wellness is your number one in which taking that break from your everyday dailies routines prescription of work constant  chores, in which can become refreshing in which that break can leaded to rediscovery of yourself as you adventure like James Whom works, in he decides find himself through his following his passion in which performing, composing music in which he does through the Parisians districts streets of Paris performing freely in which he finds a adventuring lady whom pick up his sheet of music in which forms a paper dart whom she meet him performing that Parisian night, in which home bound on a Cathay Pacific Airbus 350 flight to Hong Kong they’re re connected again as he sits watches an Awesome interesting Cathay Flight Attendant walking past by. She stops in a sudden surprised, James exchanges…. ”Hey…  Happy New Year-新年快樂….” she exchanges the same reply back “Hey….新年快樂…加油” – Happy New Years- add oil…..

In which James, is James Yang楊永聰 is Chinese musician Artist in which he performs his musically score towards the Cathay Pacific Onto The Next year in which he composed the emotionally voice for the film for Chinese New Year singing in English – Rotting- .. Translation – Perfect day in which you can find his music on Lost and found in which it Chinese Mandarin dialect version. ….

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