#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 | #香港金融管理局 #HongKongMonetaryAuthority- reengineering of new series themes of 2018 #HongKong new bank notes with #NotesOfLove iconic themes of #HongKongCulture and #ChineseCulture…….


In July 2018 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong it was time to redesign, re-engineering, Various Hong Kong Banks have release with celebrations of new highly advanced Bank notes that extremely hard to counterfeit to the last encrypted detail… Among one of the many iconic international banks is HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation… in which among others Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Standard Charter Bank- Hong Kong , Bank of China have release their new notes.. in which those advance measures are detail “The 2018 new series Hong Kong banknotes have incorporated six top-notch security features, including Dynamic Shimmering Pattern, Windowed Metallic Thread, Enhanced Watermark, Fluorescent See-through Denomination, Concealed Denomination and Embossed Feel.”

The new notes were in dominations of twenty, fifty, one hundred, five hundred, One Thousand notes denominations….  In which each notes domination have a different themes that draws an iconic Chinese Culture also within foundations the Hong Kong Culture and people itself..

The Hong Kong –SAR  new Twenty dollar note features on the stories of Tea Gathering  family, that the family is the ground core of Hong Kong as it celebrates around an ever so tradition of Yum Cha in local Chinese restaurant with Chinese and Hong Kong Cuisine with Tea culture with Yum Cha with the iconic Dim Sum dishes ….

The Hong Kong –SAR new Fifty Dollar Note features on the Nature asspects of Hong Kong with the Butterfly and Flowers around the Tropical city region in which Hong Kong is only population occupied by twenty five percent remaining the seventy five percent with Tropical forest parks..

For Hong Kong –SAR- the One Hundred Dollar Note its Cantonese Opera, in which there’s a variant of Chinese Opera in which one is the Peking Opera in which has been favoured by the imperial Qing Dynasty family of the Aisin Gioro Clan, in which is there’s been a very strong resurgent in Chinese Opera throughout Hong Kong Communities in which there’s a new theatre dedicated for it in West Kowloon Xiqu Center……

For the Hong Kong –SAR- Five Hundred Dollar note it’s Hong Kong UNESCO global Geopark, The Hexagonal Rock Pillars in which is located in High Island in which form least than one hundred and forty million years ago standing next to the Sai Kung Town nearby the East Dam of the High Island reservoir in which this channel was used for the ancient marine time Silk Road that connects from Pearl Delta River towards Europe.. in which this neighbourhood became abundance fishing village community ….

Also The Hong Kong –SAR- One Thousand dollar note is the financial success Hong Kong as it celebrates the working people whom made, make Hong Kong greater with Financial Metropolis as Hong the image Central is taken from a drone flown from Victoria Peak in which it celebrates the ever so increasing hard working strong growth of the Hong Kong People from Hong Kong Island beyond Tsim Sha Tsui towards Pearl Delta River for the Belt and Road Initiative …..

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