#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 | Behind the scenes -Experience the Life of #CabinCrew is like job role of a Taikonaut- Featuring Annie ….


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard… 各位乘客,歡迎乘搭國泰航空 …… “ When you boarding a Cathay Pacific Airways flight, your first impression, is you’re first welcoming on board is from the airline are the impressive awesome flight attendants also the it’s cabin crew whom look after you each way of you flight…  In which being a Cabin Crew is like taking many roles is like being a Taikonaut – Chinese Astronaut   in taking so many roles of fire-fighter, nurse, security  also a life guard in the training that they do is just as intense as training of being Taikonaut in CNSA – China National Space Administration….

Training for a Cathay Pacific Airways Cabin crew, in which involves going through every training step along the way in which understanding, knowing various types of Aircraft in the fleet inside out, before preparations for take-off…. As Annie demonstrates in which she being working for Cathay Pacific the safety precautions every step along the way from emergency evacuations, from applying first aid with nursing, fire fighting … also getting to know the aircraft inside out for storage and used of all onboard safety equipment …. Besides preparing for her work by learning professionally also preparing for flight duties.. in which getting on time one hour before to sign in for work then onwards toward the briefing room for the pre-flight briefing by the inflight service manager .. as on board the flight beside checking the crew seating, is making sure their assigned door is in the right mode, also checking all surround safety equipment..  next is the ground preparations in making the aircraft tidy also conduction of a thoroughly security check before allowing passengers onboard in which asking all ground staff to disembark so we can check every corner of the aircraft only when we’re sure there is nothing suspicious on board.. Do we allow passengers in …… Besides welcoming passengers and showing them to their seats we also look out for anyone who is feeling uncomfortable or needs special attention … Being a cabin crew member is all about teamwork, One person cannot serve an entire flight alone.. it takes a team to do this together.. For a safe and happy flight, flying is both the beginning and end of a journey, If  I can make each one memorable for our passengers , I Know I’ve Done a good job.. “

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