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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, there’s a massive upgrading system to the world leading MTR Hong Kong’s is having it Rail Gen 2.0. Along it’s mega projects in which one of those projects is upgrading the extensive network of the Signalling systems that’s are taking place..  Among that is the MTR Hong Kong staffs whom works dedicational in getting the work done  in which they’re the unsung heroes, the backbone engineers behind the scenes in maintaining allowing the Railway network whom work beyond midnight to keep the engines running serving the communities beyond twenty four seven..

As one Family, discovers from a Father whom works at night photographically documentation behind the scenes in which he explains to his son whom wonders why Father works late at night as his wife explains replying also, in which Photographic Artist Lai Lok Yi… Meets the challenges after midnight how each brillant MTR Hong Kong team experience in learning to overcome new ones……

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