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Cathay Pacific Airways-國泰航空公司 is always doing something constantly originally innovative, in which that innovation is the their direct flight towards from Already In Hong Kong directly toward Seattle –the Emerald City, in which there need not to do a stopover in Los Angeles.. In which flying Cathay Pacific Airbus 350-900 series in which Cathay Pacific is ascertaining a fleet for long haul direct flights since previously year in recently receiving most of its long haul fleet in accommodating those routes…  in which starting from 31st March 2019….  In which flights CX858 from Hong Kong towards Seattle departs on 2355 Hong Kong Time arrival at 2100  hours in days of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday…  on return it’s CX 857 departing on 0100 arriving back on Hong Kong at 0510 plus one hour Hong Kong Time.. on Days of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday….

In accommodating those routes there’s a story of guy name Brian, in where he was in past relationship before also releasing he’s letting go of his past, also starting up a new chapter in traveling towards the Emerald City as he rediscovery himself along the way in which booking a flight with Cathay Pacific, his co- seating partner, meeting while she was moved from watching a humorous scene with the inflight entertainment.. In which Brian is moved by her humorous reaction …. Every now and then Brian after landing in Seattle he goes in every and then check his past- Amy on his phone… in which he goes to the local urban post rustic café till he meet her again.. Then they share table together.. Till she moves towards her next appointment.. Brian follows and what’s to explore where this is going.. He asked “Every time I come to Seattle it’s for work…. Can you show me around.. ?”  In which she thinking showing him around thinking where this also going…. In which it’s the Iconic Space Needle.. then the market Theatre  Gum Wall..

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