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香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | Ding Dings – Hong Kong iconic Trams- Not just another word for a Zygon Detector…… Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

Since 1904 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the Founded Hong Kong Tramways have always been the benchmark hallmark inspiration of the MTR Hong Kong Corporation, in which it transported countless two hundred passengers per daily, 10.4 Million per year averagely….  Within the Hong Kong Tramway route is the countless untold stories that transited ride throughout tramways system on Hong Kong Island …. The “Ding-Ding” in which iconically called for the stopping signal bell that it makes to signal a stop onto to the various stops in between from west to east side of Hong Kong Island..

In recollecting those untold Tramways stories, in which is like a time machine that collect stories from memorable timeless moments in everyone lives whom travelled within with those historic furnishings also whom watched travelled away as it grew up with the evolution of changing Hong Kong… in which the Hong Kong Tramways have invited you to share your timeless memorable moments as you ride the Ding Ding’s in Ding-Ding Diaries… One of countless who drive those stories of the Hong Kong Tramways- Ding-Dings…

In which One is Tram inspector Tsang Yuen Fong, in which her story begins when a friend of her recommended her to work in which her friend Fong joined as a MotorWoman in which throughout her hard work since joining in 2010, in being outstanding with merits of socialising with her passengers also her staff she was quickly promoted to Inspector, Regulator..

As Tsang Yuen Fong, joined she saw, numerous new and exciting things on the streets in during the time as a MotorWoman, in which broaden her horizons, as working for the Tramways there was other opportunities, in which she applied to different positions in which having different positions gave her a chance to experience different positions in enhancing her skillsets.. during those times in 2013, she meet an colleague in which latterly that colleague became her husband, that year… in which working in the same environment, spending time together makes them happily..

Another story is MotorWoman Fung Wai Kam, moving back towards Hong Kong, after she gotten married in 1990, in which her journey started with that Shanghai ride when she was at eighteen, in which there was younger recollections, she remembers a tram stop on the door step of her home, in which she was in least ten of age her parents would go onto shopping excursions in which the main mode of getting around is always taking the tram…. As they Fung Wai Kam, and her parent wait for the Tram, the sound of the Ding-Ding arriving, in which excites her always.. in which when she was in her thirty’s the Trams evolved into double decker’s with advertising in which made them colourfully beautiful.. in which joining up as a MotorWoman, she enjoys the learning asspects of the Driving-engineering the Trams for Twenty years amazingly..


Joining the Hong Kong Tramways, as mystery passenger, now Assistant Operations Manager – Jack Kwan, or they call him respectively as Kwan Sir.. In which he previously write reviews, their driving skills, of Motor Women and Men also commentary of their servicement of passengers also towards services.. .in which previously in the past experience he serviced Baron Margaret Thatcher in 1993, also partaking in launching a new service in the Tramways of the TramOramic Touring in 2016…. His current endeavouring goal is to teach, inspired future generations for the growth of the Company..

In which his journey started after graduation, also helping out the family business working on multiple employment as also clerk, delivery orders, collecting outstanding payments, quotas.. as he works and journeys in between work, it’s always between Central and Sheung Wan.. in which one moment standing in middle of the road, when the trams passes by, excitingly in which progressively joins the Tramway management, in which participating the company’s development process with this in mind it helps him become motivated..

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