#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 |#HongKong #MTRHongKong – with two new #LRV #LightRailVehicles introducing to network coming soon for the #NewYear2019


During the month of December 2018, In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, in which the world leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation… has, received two new brand new LRV- Light Rail Vehicles… in which they were manufactured in Nanjing in which was previously the early Ming Dynasty Capital ( 1368- 1683) ..

In making the transportation journey from Nanjing towards the Testing MTR Hong Kong Yards in Tuen Mun Depot it’ll go various certification testing before it becomes operational for service in which prior it has done its testing at the manufacturers from the mainland.. In which they will be introduce into the LRV network in the New Territories Light Rail Vehicle network into the Yuen long also Tuen Mun network..

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