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One of sixty more Commercially Private Space Carrier Rocket Companies in China has been currently really productive this year; in one of those sixty is LandSpace Technology Corporation in which has now has a massive manufacturing fabrication factory that mass produce the LandSpace Carrier Rocket..

LandSpace -LandSpace Technology Corporation- first maiden launch of the Zhuque one launching a trail CCTV Satellite onboard..


In which is situated in the Economic and Technological Development Zone in Huzhou City, in Zhejiang Province in which is developed in various multiple stages.. its first phase it is the factory development factory of seventy acres with the construction of thirty thousand square meters almost to construct the core components of the Carrier Rocket also Engine Assembly plant in the same manner of a car manufacturing line.. In which currently is the largest private carrier rocket company on the mainland….. Its head office is situated in which was founded Tsinghua University in 2015 January… Located in H1, Zhonghang International Plaza, No. 13 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, in China’s Capital Beijing

LandSpace Technology Corporation- Zhuque two -48.8 meters

The Carrier Rocket and engine manufacturing factory comes in sections in which..

Engine Performance testing area– in which it testing out the performances of the liquid Carrier Rocket Engine, in which is the core of the Rocket. Also within the department is to carry out systems, designs, from development, experimental to production design environment..

Tank Processing Zone- Development and manufacturing of the Carrier rocket tanking systems,

The Main assembly Area-  of the Rocket in which this is at the second phase of the factory in which is undergoing construction in which there’s will be two manufacturing lines, within this complex.. In which this area is the final testing staging area, before its head out towards the launch complex…

LandSpace Technology Corporation-Zhuque two 80T THRUST-LEVEL LOX+LCH4 LRE’S THRUST CHAMBER

The Engine Assembly Area – is where the manufacturing of its engines is built totally inhouse, with a state of art production line of industrial standard four rating.. In where its full capacity it can manufacture inhouse over two hundred liquid oxygen methane engines… Guarantee continuous rapid launch rates…

Manufacturing inspection area- in where this massive hall inspects checks all components where it’s finalised to be installed onto assembled to form in the main Assembly area…

LandSpace Technology Corporation Huzhou new Carrier Rocket assembly hall …

LandSpace Carrier Rockets are manufactured in Huzhou, in which the launch complex for the carrier rocket is innovative researched and development in two cities the current Capital Beijing also its ancient capital Xi’an in which LandSpace is a small too medium Carrier Rocket provider….With two different engine options with the Phoenix and Scorpio Engine…. As the LandSpace livery is of a Dragon Phoenix flying towards the skies in space…  in which its future development is to have the first staging into a reusable carrier rocket in which Zhuque two is set out to become…

LandSpace Technology Corporation- Zhuque one mobile launcher system …

Zhuque one- 19 meters has take-off weight of twenty seven metric tonnes also thrust of forty five tonnes in which is able to undertake a payload weight of three hundred kilograms in to LEO- Low Earth Orbit while the second series its sister Zhuque two -48.8 meters is larger twice as large with a length of forty eight point eight meters long, in which cable carry in three class payload weights of four tonnes to two hundred Kilometers in LEO- Low Earth Orbit…. Fifteen Hundred tonnes at seven hundred Kilometers in SSO- Sun Synchronous Orbit… Also eighteen hundred tonnes at five hundred Kilometer in SSO- Sun Synchronous Orbit

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