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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways is taking you on a culinary burger tour in Hong Kong is known for its international acclaimed  innovative iconic fusion foods in where East meet West.. In which it’s been innovating the burger since its introduction into Hong Kong… Featuring Dean TV, in which he samples the best burger dinners in Hong Kong from the Classic Cheese burgers towards with some innovative ones as exploring the streets, neighbourhoods of Hong Kong….

Beef and liberty, located in LKF- Lan- Kwai Fong, Stanley, Hong Kong International Airport … it’s also known for its protein based simulated beef burgers in which is called the impossible burger while still retaining its vegan aspects..

Honbo, Located in 6-7 Sun Street Wan Chai, Hong Kong... internationally known for its grass roots sourcements of local produce form Yuen Long’s Farming, artisans brewers communities for its vegetables also its bakery for its Potato Milk Buns in which is used in its burgers..   in which is only three minute walk from three Pacific place also in which an eight minute walk from MTR Admiralty station …

Burger Circus.. Located in 22 Hollywood Road, Central Hong Kong.. in which known for its nineteenth century Dinner star ferry tram car look interior with a with, also known with its inviting home grown burgers, fries, and side dishes accompanying with its in house shakes and classic cocktails..

W Burger … Located in Kowloon City,  5 Nam Kok Rd, Kowloon City, Hong Kong. Known for its Cantonese inspired burger instead with the traditional beef burger patties, its replace with an Cantonese placement of Char Siu beef egg burger, with a crispy sugary pineapple bun..

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