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As this year In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, at the world leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation.. in nearby Tsim Sha Tsui, MTR Hong Kong’s West Kowloon it was the grand opening of the High Speed Rail- Vibrant Express in which connects towards many destinations in Canton province also towards the Capital Beijing… One of many cities it connects towards is Guangzhou is Canton Province Capital… from the traditional three to four hours train time reducing with the modern West Kowloon  High Speed Rail, least than forty eight minutes.. In which makes easier for those whom live across the border in between Mainland and Hong Kong SAR to work, visit, or educationally daily without having to travel by aircraft at Hong Kong International Airport……The station’s design has won several awards including a Golden Winner in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category of A’ Design Awards 2016-2017 and a Gold Winner of the Best Futura Mega Project, MIPIM Asia Awards 2015.

It was first introduction promoted by TVB’s presenter-actress Jacqueline Wong..  in which showing the numerous features of the construction of the Station Hub itself also the features of the Vibrant Express Bullet trains.. In which this cute romantic premise like the previous MTR Hong Kong Anime previously did on safety on the MTR network in which had an Anime premise of “Your Name” in which these two cute soon to be couple, Her – HongKonger Business Traveler and Him- Japanese Tourist when exploring with a companion in which everyone would know that is a voice search engine that’s within Apple’s iOS eco system…

In which both using, asking their companion Siri of where to purchase High Speed Rail ticket, Siri points out in in Chinese- Cantonese also in Japanese it points out towards the West Kowloon station ticketing in which if you’re a foreigner you’ll need you passport in purchasing the required ticketing in which for her it’s the Hong Kong ID..  They both meet when she pulls out her iPhone from back dress trousers slips out her ticket onto the floor in which there where they first meet him handling her slip out ticket while she’s occupied……

In which later him explores the Station Hub interiors, while his Siri points out what’s West Kowloon nearby Elements, Xiqu Center, Hong Kong Cultural Center in which he explores till meeting her again working .. While she points out that she wants to eat something healthy nearby suggestions.. In which both meet again after boarding the Vibrant Express train to Guangzhou… In which the Vibrant Express train has numerous features, while travelling with free high velocity WiFi, with easy swinging cabin airliner chairs, also power ports in which allows you to charge up your devices, in which allows to work at the same time.. In which she asked “Hey Siri When would I Meet my True love..?” in which there he his meeting her in company in a journey together..

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