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Thinking what to do adventuring together In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, in which there are Discovering numerous countless places in Hong Kong, in which as a couple you can wintery adventure during the winter season romantically.. In which you can take your couple photographically moments as you too write your stories together..  so here’s six favourite spots in twenty seconds..

Why not spend time on a Picnic together in formerly Hong Kong International Airport – Kai Tak, in which once was the most dangerous landings for commercial airliners in which it has a new lease of life in regeneration of a vibrant East Kowloon district in Hong Kong with able of parks and those day and night time scenes at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal…….

Or roam together nostalgically at one of thousands internationally architecturally photographic known sites at the Nam Shan Estate- Yau Yat Tsuen, sharing you stores with you socials..  In which is easy access towards the MTR Hong Kong in which is easy access transportation around the city region..

Adventuring Shopping together, at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok in where it’s an interesting experience in with a collection of assortment of clothing, quick fashion accessories in which you guys might find interesting then more together moments at Choi Hung Estates in which you can share your rainbow moments together with the iconic rainbow coloured residential buildings.. in which located in Tai Sin District in Kowloon..

Then seeing the iconic neon signs at D2 place that illuminate the after you two’s adventure why not watch the timeless sunset from the internationally iconic Hong Kong skyline at the Harbour City Ocean Terminal viewing platform , Tsim Sha Tsui in which you two’s can view the 270 degrees observation deck iconic sunrise and sunset.. Together sharing those moments also on socials..

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