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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, there’s an innovative message that the Hong Kong Government, like to send you a message of hiking adventuring in a smart way… in which takes you back towards in between modern and back in the past of the battle of Red Cliff in which is set in least of a very hot summer year of 208…. In where there’s a famous tactician scholar-Zhuge Laing in which is played by Hong Kong TVB Australian Actor-presenter Gregory Rivers, in which a Hong Kong Resident freelance Journalist Jonathan JK Morris gave him an recent interview..  

Gregory Rivers famous tactician scholar-Zhuge Laing in which him and his army is set to go on a hiking adventure in the hills of Hong Kong’s iconic Hiking Mountains..  In which he ask his troops to prepare well for the hike, preparing, carrying enough drinking water, sun protection, carefully plan your journey, also stay on the hiking trails staying away from uncertain unfamiliar trails, locations …  in which featuring this message is from the  Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department,  Civil Aid Service,  Fire Services Department, Hong Kong Observatory ……

Zhuge Liang (played by Gregory Rivers) (English subtitles)

“…… What a beautiful land!….”

Soldier (English subtitles)

 “Sir, we are ready to set off”

Zhuge Liang (played by Gregory Rivers)

(English subtitles):

“………. How can you set off when you’re not prepared? You should put on suitable clothes and footwear for hiking Pay attention to changes in the weather Carry enough drinking water and protect yourself against the sun Plan ahead for your route Use managed and maintained trails Stay away from dangerous locations Then you can enjoy a safe hike………!”


Plan Well, Hike Safely Enjoy Nature’s Beauty Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department logo Civil Aid Service logo Fire Services Department logo Hong Kong Observatory logo

Zhuge Liang (played by Gregory Rivers)(English subtitles):

“…….If you feel unwell, don’t force yourself to go hiking….!”

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