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In the very heart of the West Kowloon Cultural Center is the placement of Cantonese, Peking Opera Xiqu Center


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in new redevelopments area of West Kowloon, nearby in the corner of Canton Road, and Austin Road West… At 88 Austin Road In which January 2019 is the official Opening of Xiqu Center in which its iconic bamboo tree forest exterior swaying in the wind within is the Center complex for entertaining, teaching Traditional Chinese Opera in various forms from Ancient to postmodern Chinese Opera in which alike the one performed in the Imperial Dynasty in the Forbidden City in Beijing..

Set to open in the West Kowloon cultural district , in which is designed by Architecture Revery Architecture  in which the project construction costing is USD 347 Million … in which orthough it resembles a romantic bamboo forest on various layers, constructed like a light box of a Chinese Lantern behind a beaded curtain in illuminating four corners of the  it Cultural Sanctuary, in which those beaded curtains can be found in traditional Chinese houses, homes, in which given if you watched  recent the most watched Chinese Drama如懿傳 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, 延禧攻略Story of Yanxi Palace Forbidden City Palaces interior….


The Xiqu Center features, a massive grand staging interior lobby, with impressive contemporary modern timeless lines and curvilinear paths and forms. The theatre is design to be raised up in the center of the building complex impressively in the heart of the Xiqu Centre of the ground.

As below the main stage is the impressive courtyard plaza that services towards the outdoors with the Sky Gardens, among performances, it’s also a teaching, education studios- Seminar- performing arts school center as for the next generation of performers whom which continue variously exploring the Cantonese, Peking- Chinese Opera art form towards another level from traditional to post-modern..  Among the Xiqu Center is another Theatre, is aback house Tea House in which is an old ancient tradition in Chinese Theatres Hong Kong and Throughout China, likes of the Forbidden City in which serving Tea and other meal dishes while watching as the performer performs… With among is the Administration department, with various retail areas that overlooks the central courtyard…

Credited Photographer: Ducky Tse Chi-tak for the West Kowloon Xiqu Center..

Getting there is very easy, its adjacency with its Own Austin Road MTR station nearby only a five minute walk from the Austin Road station Exit F or the fifteen minute scene route from Jordan MTR Station Exit C2 or shorter with Two minutes from Express Rail Link Hong Kong West Kowloon Station (Exit G)… also there are various bus stops nearby also mini bus stops. .Parking is available at the Express Rail link at west Kowloon Station…

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