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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, Show Casing  Hong Kong’s Innovative emerging creative Talents at 35號 Aberdeen Street central Hong Kong,  PMQ startup and creative hub in which located in the heart  centrally in Hong Kong..   Featuring Young emerging creative innovative ideas, concepts form Hong Kong Creatives in which Detour series premise is to working collaboratively together in exchanging challenging ideas. In which the programme starts out in with free admission in which DeTour is in between 30th November to ninth December 2018.. Opening in between eleven in the Hong Kong morning towards the eight in the evening…  In which is describe one of the most exciting events in Hong Kong Cultural events throughout the year.

The Tenth series of Detour, has an exploratory theme and premise, Trial and Error, in which to find various ways in challenging creativity to achieving through various ways of trails and error in your findings in achieving the rewarding end results, and learning from those results..

Throughout the process, DeTour allows every year in the series, every episode dives deeper into the creative, thinking, innovation processes of creating of various Artworks on so many design genres… in which also what the artist in mind’s thought process is going though.. as many of the workshops, design seminars uncover original thought though to that innovative  experimentation with public audiences insights on what makes a good design..

 Detour 2018, in PMQ is Sponsored by PMQ, as the place of the events, with Hong Kong Design Center, with Create Hong Kong, with Business of Design week..

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