#DoctorWho #神秘博士 | Happy #DoctorWhoDay – 55th year anniversary -the entire Tittle Sequences of the iconic opening theme from the Queen of Electronic Music – #DeliaDerbyshire…..

Today on the 23rd November 2018, it’s the Day of the Doctor, Doctor Who’s fifty five year anniversary since it was screened on 23rd November 1963, in which is written by leading innovative female writer of her time Verity Ann Lambert-OBE… among with her Co-Writer Sydney Newman.. Writing on a premise of a travelling off world person, whom calls her-him-herself The Doctor, the name precedes legendary as the Doctor of War…  Who travels in a borrowed TARDIS…? Adventuring through Time and space in a Type 40 stuck in Public Police Box Chameleon cloak mode, adventuring with Human, off worldly that always Humanity inspired The Doctor to become……

One of the iconic themes of the fifty five year anniversary Series is the opening theme tittle in which is iconically opening On 1963 an iconic theme score in which was composed by the Queen of electronic music that is Delia Derbyshire whom composed the trendsetting completely ahead of her time is the Doctor Who opening tune, also it’s other musical score works.. In which with hundreds of passionally hours, in composing, with what they have to ensemble the score at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop…  Composing from various methods from handcrafted mathematically creating, editing composing reels of electronic music before the synthesizer became to the scene in which his role is to aid the emotional storytelling in a with a new soundscape approach towards the score, in with various genres hybrid.. Also the emotional music storytelling inspired by the conservation… Taking notes from reading the screenplays, from the cast and crew, Drawing those notes in composing the emotional musical voice for the scene giving that extra layer of storytelling..

The opening themes Including:

The First Doctor Titles:

 The Second Doctor Titles:

 The Third Doctor Titles – Version 1 (HD)

 The Third Doctor Titles – Version 2:

The Fourth Doctor Titles – Version 1:

 The Fourth Doctor Titles – Version 2:

 The Fifth Doctor Titles:

The Sixth Doctor Titles – Version 1:

 The Sixth Doctor Titles – Trial of a Time Lord Version:

 The Seventh Doctor Titles:

 The Eighth Doctor Titles:

 The Ninth Doctor Titles:

 The Tenth Doctor Titles – Version 1:

The Tenth Doctor Titles – Version 2 (HD):

 The Eleventh Doctor Titles – Version 1:

 The Eleventh Doctor Titles – Version 2:

 The Twelfth Doctor Titles:

The Thirteenth Doctor Titles:

 MORE Title Sequences

 The Twelfth Doctor Titles – Christmas:

The Twelfth Doctor Titles – Rock Version:

The Thirteenth Doctor Titles – Demons of the Punjab:


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