Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, there’s always the internationally iconic neonic towering canyons that spans only thirty percent of the Hong Kong SAR territory landscape that’s surrounded by seventy percent of Asian tropical forest with a massive of assortments of historical, hiking, science self-exploration, recreational activities as you explore around the tropical forest landscape also the beaches of Hong Kong  in which Hong Kong have been international Acclaimed for the urban city great outdoors from Beaches City parks, hikes, Cycling, Nature Parks, Outlying Islands …..As you Discover Hong Kong adventuring..

In Asia’s world city, adventuring there’s great outdoors in which National Geographic Photographer Matthieu Paley founded that “……..Hong Kong is a Modern Metropolis, a city for its inspiring structures innovation and design … But in contrast.. There’s another Hong Kong that offers unexpected views … and easy access to raw spectacular landscapes… in which he takes a Journey to Sai Kung…in which as an assortment of surprises.. in which from speechless sights to breathless views of the impressive volcanic columns form over a hundred and forty million years  ago.. Hong Kong Hiking Trails let you walk through time and the impression these ancient landscape leave will last a lifetime with incredible the further you get from your comfort, control and civility of the city in which the closer you to true clam..  Hong Kong is not simply a modern metropolis… It’s a visual history lesson …..”

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