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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong on 4th November 2018 Hollywood Road in which is in located in newly trendy setting fashionable Sheung Wan- Central district in which set to be partying up with a Hollywood Road Street Carnival with public free admission with numerous artistic series of workshops, exhibitions with performances that reflects the rich cultural neighbourhood history of Sheung Wan also its city Hong Kong.. Also the Richness history of Hollywood Road towards its present…  in which starting out 1200 hours towards 2030 hours Hong Kong Time… From Wyndham Street to Aberdeen street in between from Tai Kwun and PMQ.. in with its key historical buildings as its way points  from Tai Kwun, PMQ, Man Mo Temple Compound..  In which you find nearby Yi-Ming in which is internationally acclaimed for its innovative iconic Qipao- Cheongsams…. On 50A Tung Street Sheung Wan…

The event is organised by the Hong Kong Government’s Commissioner for the Heritage’s Office... in which is department of the government is conservation and Revitalize of the heritage of Hong Kong…  in which during past events of the of the Hollywood Road Street Carnival it attracted over fifty six thousand visitors.. Among with over twenty exhibitors with always memorable cultural experiences that you can reflect back too with Nostalgic photography back lots of the past.. with over ten performances….

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