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CNSA China National Administration launches it reliable Long march 4B carrier rocket from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center…..


On the 25th October 2018 Thursday, CNSA China National Administration launches it’s one of it iconic reliable Long March series rockets the Long March 4B Carrier Rocket in which launched on the early hours of 0657 Hours Beijing time from one of many CNSA’s launch complex Facilities in which one is the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, in located in the Northern China, Shanxi Province the home birth place of the Zhou Dynasty also it second founder Emperor-Empress Wu of the Second Zhou-Tang Dynasty..

The HY-2 Marine Satellites is developed, manufactured by CAST China Academy of Space Technology……. The HY-2 marine Satellites series is named short for 海洋 Haiyang translating towards Ocean….

CNSA China National Administration – CAST China Academy of Space Technology……. The HY-2 marine Satellite… to study for Earth Sciences..

The Launch of the reliable Long March 4B Carrier Rocket is the two hundred and eighty eight of the Long March series… in which delivering the advance Marine Satellites for Earth Sciences to study the oceanic also environmental dynamics.. The HY-2B Marine Satellite is a partaking series of following constellations of Marine Earth Sciences Satellites in which HY-2C also HY-2D will follow to form that five year duration satellite constellation. That Constellation  in which will data analysis observation providing sea surface temperatures, wind velocities, oceanic ice levels, also rain density.. in which provide a data collection studies on earth sciences on climate change also providing data to counter measures responses of Climate Change .. In that provisionment it’ll also provide disaster revilement….. Also providing marine navigational tracking of vessel identity to assist marine time navigation……

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