#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 | #BeltAndRoadinitiative The reliable #LongMarch3B Carrier Rocket launching the twin #BeiDou3 Navigation Satellites providing world class advanced data communications also navigation …

CNSA China National Space Administration 国家航天局 proving for the Belt And Road initiative is the reliable Long March 3B Carrier Rocket launching the twin BeiDou3 Navigation Satellites For world class data communications also navigation from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province


On a  15th Monday October 2018, launching from the CNSA –China National Space Administration from one of its many launch Complexes the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province… on a Clear cloudy afternoon 1233 Hours Beijing time  .. Is the launch for the Belt and Road Initiative is the Reliable Long March 3B Carrier Rocket… In which servicing provisionment of bringing high velocity data navigation communications towards the Belt and Road initiative partners…

The Naming of the BeiDou Constellation comes from the name of the constellation those points towards the great Tortoise mouth Polaris, in which is the Big Dipper, in which points towards the Northern Pole Star, to find north. In which has been noted it was the Main Entrance towards the upper domain of Heaven.. In which history serves it was destroyed by the Great Sage equal to Heaven Sun WuKong… in which was one five key figures of Journey to the west during Tang Dynasty..

It’s the 287th mission launch of the Long March carrier Rocket series, in which the BeiDou Satellite Constellation system in which has been, installed since the year two thousand servicing the Asia Pacific region in the year 2012 from serving China… in which the system provides towards more than fifty countries with a total population of three billion people… Since year Two Thousand, since providing that service it helped rescuing more than ten thousand fishermen… Also provide monitoring the structural integrity of highways, pipelines, dams, bridges also various infrastructures…  As part of it Data Communications package It provide more than three hundred million smart phones in which thirty three percent of the Smart Phone market have now currently connected towards the BeiDou Constellation network..  Towards year 2020 the BeiDou Constellation system providing first rated services for a global services..


…Manufactured in China’s ancient capital Xi’an by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation…….Launching, carrying the two payloads BeiDou 3 in which are designed as a Navigation Satellite in which both are placed in MEO- Medium Earth Orbit in which are in two thousand Kilometers around the planet Earth.. each launch of the BeiDou Satellite carries a forwarding generation from the previous pairs, in which has greater advancement with greater newer generation of time keeping clocks, that of BeiDou two and three with their Rubidium atomic Clocks..  With a coverage of the Asia Pacific region with a accuracy within ten meters that will get tighter towards as each generation innovates…in providing navigational communicational  services towards the Belt and Road initiative countries within 35 Satellite network by 2020….

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