#MadeInChina #中國製造 #ExPace | #CentiSpace satellite rides successful launching of it #Kuaizhou1A #CarrierRocket for the second time..


On a fresh clear day of 29th September 2018 on a 1213 hours in the afternoon, launching from at Jiuquan LA-4, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in North East China ExPace China’s private Space launch Carrier Rocket Company among more than sixty ,  in which this is the second launch successful attempt from ExPace in which a previous one was done at 2017 January… from their hallmark Kuaizhou -1A carrier Rocket..

From launching the Kuaizhou -1A rocket is the CentiSpace- 1 Satellite in which is a cube satellite for low earth orbit , in its design provisionments are for navigational enhancements for the marine, aircraft, mobile terrain.. Developed by the Beijing Future Navigation Technology Co.Ltd.. In which Expace is a Sub company start up from its parent company CASIIC China Aerospace and industry Corporation  as to with CentiSpace-1A is developed by the Innovation Academy for Micro satellites department at the CAOS- Chinese Academy of Sciences..

The Kuaizhou -1A Rocket is provision design as low earth orbit carrier, in which its payloads least than three hundred kilograms… With a Solid Rocket Motor with a very reliable high quality designs in with rapid launch cycles…


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