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On very clear Wednesday of fifth of September 2018 at 1300 hours Beijing time, from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, in north west of China, in which is one of CNSA- China National Space Administration many launch Facilities…. iSpace’s launch of countless of Space Companies Startups, in which there are more than sixty carrier rocket private Space Companies with more to follow in the making in China whom have been licenses to launch orbital rockets for commercial usage one is iSpace..  In which the Company is founded in the PROC- People’s Republic of China’s Capital Beijing… In which its researching facilities are located in China’s ancient capital Xi’an in the Shaanxi Province…

Launching form North West China is launching three cube satellites… In which are for testing cases situations, the Company intends to launch at Sub Orbital levels at least one hundred Kilometers above Earth with one intend orbitation… Launching three commercially Cube Satellites for it intended orbit… With one, the third as a test case that’s parachute back to Earth’s surface for testing mission requirements..

The iSpace SQZ-1Z Carrier rocket given its range and size is indented for as scientific purposes… With payload launch attitude of least than two hundred Kilometers in attitude… In which the Carrier rocket SQZ-1Z has a velocity of Sixteen Hundred meters per second with launch duration of four hundred and fifty seconds. … Its main source of propulsion engine mixture is a liquid Oxygen and Methane mixture…

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