#MadeInChina #LandSpace #解構 #中國 | #Zhuque1 #CarrierRocket – Prepares for its first test flight for a maiden launch also a #CCTV telecommunications satellite deployment…


On 20th August 2018 LandSpace has finalized its construction of is first Carrier Rocket… LandSpace One of countless many of private Space launch carrier rocket companies in China, is LandSpace Technology Corporation high tech startup in which is located in Beijing China’s Capital… in which is among with other various high end technology Startup private Space Carrier Launch companies in the capital in company with Expace, LinkSpace, OneSpace..  In which was founded Tsinghua University in 2015 January.. Located in H1, Zhonghang International Plaza, No. 13 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, in China’s Capital Beijing….

Its first series of Carrier Rockets is the nineteen meter long Zhuque One, in which is a three staging rocket with solid rocket propulsion in which is testing its maiden flight also for LandSpace launch schedule it’s payload is launching a broadcasting telecommunications satellite for one of China’s main Digital media broadcaster CCTV- China Central Television in the December 2018 month launching from Wenchang Space launch site in Hainan Province China one of many launch complexes of CNSA-China National Space Administration..

LandSpace Technology Corporation- LandSpace- Zhuque two medium carrier rocket next generation from Zhuque one

LandSpace Carrier Rockets are manufactured in Huzhou, in which the launch complex for the carrier rocket is innovative researched and development in two cities the current Capital Beijing also its ancient capital Xi’an in which LandSpace is a small too medium Carrier Rocket provider….  With two different engine options with the Phoenix and Scorpio Engine…. As the LandSpace livery is of a Dragon Phoenix flying towards the skies in space…

LandSpace Technology Corporation- LandSpace – Zhuque one..

 Zhuque one has take-off weight of twenty seven metric tonnes also thrust of forty five tonnes in which is able to undertake a payload weight of three hundred kilograms in to LEO- Low Earth Orbit while the second series its sister Zhuque two is larger twice as large with a length of forty eight point eight meters long, in which cable carry in three class payload weights of four tonnes to two hundred Kilometers in LEO- Low Earth Orbit…. Fifteen Hundred tonnes at seven hundred Kilometers in SSO- Sun Synchronous Orbit.. Also eighteen hundred tonnes at five hundred Kilometer in SSO- Sun Synchronous Orbit

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