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“…….To know the city is to know the locals to know the rhythm of the city..That’s why I like taking public transport there.. “ Ashley Yue- Ding Ding Diaries..

Since 1904 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the Founded, Hong Kong Tramways have always been the benchmark hallmark inspiration of the world leading  MTR Corporation, in which it transported countless two hundred passenger per daily, 10.4 Million per year averagely….  Within the Hong Kong Tramway route is the countless untold stories that transited ride throughout tramways system on Hong Kong Island …. The “DingDing” in which iconically called for the stopping signal bell that it makes to signal a stop onto to the various stops in between from west to east side of Hong Kong Island..

In recollecting those untold Tramways stories, in which is like a time machine that collect stories from memorable timeless moments in everyone lives whom travelled within with those historic furnishings also whom one of the many passengers whom travels along the Ding Dings is Ashley Yue – HKFoodcawlers whom takes people on tours where most tourist miss the essential intricate details in food culture in which taking them to local hidden eateries where the Hong Kong food culture stared from the ground up.. In which her main tour takes place in either in various meeting points of the Hong Kong MTR stations or the Traditional of transportation is the tramway system where the tourist get to know the culture, the people well and experience the livings and environments of Hong Kong in a slower pace of a warp speed city…

Starting out her two years tours in the making… In which her tours are so very intricate where she takes her guest group to public housing estates to experience the living environments of Hong Kong in which after the tour her new founded group have a much better intimate understanding about the Hong Kong, Chinese culture grounding than before..  as much the riding the Tramways gives you an intimate reading as the sentences, paragraphs unfold on so many layers in where which one passenger whom was with Ashley Yue HK Food Crawlers group recently took the trams and could remember either where he started from either he was Sheung Wan or Sai Wan, he got on the tram and went to Sai Wan Ho, He was so excited after the ride, When he met me in the MTR Station which was our meeting point, in which he told me about the ride and felt superb.. He was a European, Dutch citizen… it was his first time on the tram… And the experience was special to him.  After the tour he said he must take the tram again…

In one case where. When asked about her most memorable Ding Ding story, it was “food” again. Ashley once took a spontaneous trip to Happy Valley, where she met the owner of a Chinese restaurant called Lotus Garden. Even though they only met a few times, the owner gave her a signature turnip cake as a gift for Chinese New Year.

… In which the Hong Kong Tramways have invited you to share your timeless memorable moments as you ride the Ding Ding’s in Ding Ding Diaries…

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