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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, recently the world’s leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation... Has been recently issuing out new safety videos on its various socials, in which safety is paramount in which in recent video, advertings they have been demonstrating in Hidden safety messages throughout its previous social media campaigns…

In various scenarios this applies to all other Subway stations globally, where the MTR Hong Kong stations have been design to accommodate towards various scenarios in minimizing or totally any counter dangerous situation that may have arisen… in which a mother pushing a pram with a child decides to make a fatal choice of taking the escalators, instead of a dedicated lift towards the lower or upper floors in where it’s safe.. Among that is the secondary situation where holding the safety rails on the escalators  and stay firmly towards one side where you can allow anyone to pass by whom are walking down or upwards the steps to the other floor.. Also do not rush when walking up as you might conclude into domino effects of other calamities.. In which of be careful of your surroundings also be mindfully too…

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