#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #MTRHongKong | #HongKong – 安全舒適的高速鐵路服務 Safe and Comfortable High Speed Rail Services – Featuring Scarlett Wong..


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, recently the world’s leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation… Has been recently issuing out new safety video on its various socials, in which safety is paramount in which in recent video, advertising they have been demonstrating in Hidden safety messages throughout its previous social media campaigns…   in which previously safety videos with safety in within the MTR Station..

As for the new Line of the West Kowloon station, safety of the line is paramount also in with tweaking the safety of the line in which recently last month of July 2018, the Hong Kong Police, with a massive three hundred police troops in a counter terrorism drill in training protecting the Hong Kong Population of citizens as part of the security safety of West Kowloon line in which adapting to other various situation that hopefully may not arise..

As part of the Station’s stringent requirements the station with its staff professionally checks on the equipment functionary of the high velocity trains that runs through toward from Hong Kong towards the Guangzhou station network then as Simon Sir with Jarvis explains the critical to details of safety procurement as they were previous visited by TVB presenter Jacqueline Wong and her older sister Scarlett Wong of the stage one Express Rail Link that runs in between Hong Kong-West Kowloon Shenzhen-Guangzhou section in which will be ready by the late third quarter of 2018 this year that will take least than forty eight minutes than the traditional three to four hours..

As parts of the various stringent safety procedures requirements is fine tuning, tweaking out with upmost safety, checking the trains inside out, like checking an airliner, also its systems also the surrounding  eco-systems……like the tracks, the electrical systems, the onboard cabin sections of the Express Rail Link bullet train also various of its eco-system.. therefore ensuring safety and comfort of the Journey..

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