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The Planet Mars current in the rising eastward in the very wintery Auckland New Zealand night skies as its experiencing a Martian sand storm in which you cans see polar ice capes.. Photographer @KevinJamesNg


During this on 13th Friday July 2018, Winterfell wintery Auckland, New Zealand month of fourth of July in between early to twenty ninth August 2018 is the Perigee for the rustic rusty red planet mars in which is current located in the constellation nearby following Sagittarius, in which three other planets are visible in the wintery night Earth’s hot tempted twin sister Venus, with two Gaseous Planets, Jupiter in Libra, in which Saturn in the constellation Sagittarius ……

Mars (6794 Kilometers Diameter) is closer to the planet earth during this Perigee season for this year in which currently it’s undergoing a massive planetary wide Martian Sand storm in which seen recent Mars movie The Martian when a massive storm undertook the Martian exploration team that suffice in Missing in Action of Astronaut Mark Watney- Matt Damon … Perigee is term when two planets, or items comes closely together.. In which is least fifty seven point six million Kilometers from planet earth on the thirty first July 2018..   In which the rusty planet becomes more rustic brilliant with its iconic details of the ice polar caps from either poles…  Apart from those two features is the massive stretch canyon scar in which you can see the outline on the Martian landscape …  of the Slight least than half the size diameter of Earth (12750 Kilometer)…

Wanting to know more given that your local in Hong Kong best to visit the Hong Kong Space Museum in which they have a Hong Kong Space Museum Observatory – Sai Kung ObservatoryAstropark in Chong Hing Water Sport Center... Or Southern Hemisphere at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome New Zealand to view the Planet Mars..

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