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Recently Cathay Pacific Airways have celebrated with a successfully Boarding Pass to Asia Los Angeles Campaign, in with great company of people whom with great excellent food with celebrated beverages… in an elegant Southeast Asian California restaurant Lukshon,  that’s been named the number four Los Angeles restaurant in the LATimes- Los Angeles Times, with brining South Eastern Asian Cuisine to the west with incredible attention to detail with bold unique flavourings. Among with that detailing with open kitchen with an intimate dining experiences located in 3239 helms avenue
Culver city, California 90232…

Celebrating the sixth Cathay Pacific Boarding Pass to Asia was treated with treats, also spot prizes as to the previous successful fifth Campaign was in the city of Dublin…. As one guest won a spot prize to Hong Kong… The sixth Campaign was in collaboration with The Infatuation, A great blog site for finding your perfect restaurant, in various United Sates Cities, also located in London….  Videography is provided by Mattodom….

During the Sixth Cathay Pacific’s Boarding Pass to Asia is that you can save up to USD100 with promotion code LAXASIA in which that promotion codes expires till 31st July 2018…

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