#iPhonePhotography #Jupiter |#冬天的 #木星 #wintery – in a very late June 2018 #Auckland #NewZealand …….

looking from Earth in a wintery Winterfell Auckland in the constellation Libra is the planet Jupiter with one of it’s moon Io transiting..


During the month of late June 2018, Auckland, New Zealand in which is so wintery is like being in the very north of Westros at the wall with Wildlings to hug for warmth…  In the Auckland Night Skies, The wintery constellation of Libra in which…. In which nearby the one of the promenade stars in the Constellation Libra is the largest Gaseous planet in the Sol System-Solar System in which looking so crispy in a frozen light, where in wintery conditions there’s least diffraction of the path of light in a frozen medium in which gives you the best sharper image where the summery time in where the image is softer with the more diffraction..


During the month of wintery June 2018, Jupiter has been very generous with the observations of Jupiter red spot; in as it rotated from transiting then behind during the weeks…  along with other treats such as the transiting and occultation’s of Jupiter’s Galilean Moons, Io, Europa, Castillo also Ganymede…..    Among that throughout the night watching every now and then, Jupiter’s Moon path transiting…..  Among that time the Planet Mars was approaching to apogee in which is closest position towards the Planet Earth in which Mars during this time have been experiencing a massive planetary Martian sand storm… in which most of the Martian rovers sent by JPL.. Have been in hibernation since in conserving their power reserves while some with isotopic generators somehow continue their work with curiosity….

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