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The wintery Planet in the constellation Sagittarius with the Cassini ring division….

On a very 2018 wintery Winterfell cold Auckland New Zealand night sky looking in the east as the Constellation Sagittarius rising more above the horizon following it’s the Constellation Scorpio.. in which July celebrating the Maori New Year is Scorpio is describe as the Fish Hook of Maui, or that Jawbone that his grandfather indebt to him to fish, fishing out that massive stingray in which is the North Island of New Zealand looking Topographically..  With the South Island has its Waka – Steward Island as that hook and Jawbone hook in which making ways for the stories to be told for the Matariki – Maori New Year…

Right side mid wise of the constellation Sagittarius is the second Gaseous ringed Planet Saturn… in which with its iconic Cassini rings with its different tones of browns and greys in which every night looking at the ringed planet you’ll see different angle elements in which looking closely you can see the four Saturn’s Galilean moons Titan, Enchiladas, Dione, also Hyperion..  Plus sixty more moons that’s orbiting around its parent planet…

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