#CNSA China National Space Administration #国家航天局 | #LongMarch2C Carrier Rocket launching #XJS twins experimental Satellites …

On a morning of Wednesday 27th June 2018 on 1130 Beijing Time or Hong Kong Time, CNSA-China National Space Administration have successfully launched into orbit from CNSA’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center, located in Sichuan Province…. Launching a Reliable Long March 2C Carrier Rocket- CZ2C3 with a heavily modified payload flaring   to house the two satellites the XJS Series Satellites naming with designation A and B … in which the standard stock flaring housing didn’t met the design requirements… also it was the 278th launch for the iconic  Long March Carrier Rocket series..

CNSA China National Space Administration’s Long march rocket Carrying two experimentally XJS twin satellites for earth sciences observations..

XJS-A and XJB-B are paired satellites in which are design to experimentally do Inter- Satellite communications links between Earth also in between each other.. Both are manufactured by CAST-DFH- China Academy of Space Technology collaboration with DFH Satellite Company Limited.. The pair are designed to be Earth Science- Observation Satellites also based design on CAST design heritage with a based life cycle of least fifteen years at most

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