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It’s Business Time for American-New Zealand’s Rocket Lab launching from Launch Complex One -Mahia Peninsula


On a soon to be cloudy raining or sunny North Island, New Zealand, Its Business Time for the targeting launch of the American startup Rocket Company – Rocket Lab on a New Zealand  23rd Saturday 2018… In which targeting to launch from at a launch window at commencing at 1230 hours New Zealand time..  On the east coast of central North island, Mahia Peninsula is the Made In New Zealand LC-01- Launch Complex One.. With a Horizontal Assembly Building nearby designed on the same heritage like the ROSCOMOS’s Soyuz- SpaceX Carrier Rocket launch delivery pad systems…

Launching from it’s almost 3D printed mightily Number eight wire Rutherford Engines, that it’s printed, manufacture in Rocket’s Lab Huntington Beach division…  Carrying launch into orbit is the a set of CubeSats onboard.. one particular project in which is designed, engineered by a group of Students in Irvine California, as part of their STEM program in collaboration group with – Beckman, Irvine, Northwood, Portola, University, and Woodbridge – In which the set parameters of the STEM program is to assemble to test and find a Launch Provider to launch the Nano Sat in to LEO- Low Earth Orbit….. IRVINE01 is designed with a low resolution camera that specifically does astrophotography also data collection from those images taken to accuracy determination the location of the satellite…..  IRVINE01 manufacturing partner is Tyvak Nano Satellite systems…

Launching also on the same multiple launch platform is the other STEM Program building and design a CubeSat that has the abilities with a Solar Sail Technologies demonstrating also the abilities of using solar wind from the Nearest Star – Sun Solar flares to propel the CubeSat sails High Performance Space Structure Systems GmBH. Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation the NAEBO CubeSat programs is to design to be as a space junk cleaner by attaching to the target then gradually dragging back for re-entry towards the Earth’s Atmosphere.. …. Both STEM Program CubeSats will launch at a eighty five degrees elliptical orbit with 500 Kilometers by 250 Kilometers..

This time with the #ItsBusinessTime it’s now launch for a fourteen day launch window in commerce to launch for Spire Global again with new payload for GeoOptics Inc. both are manufactured by Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems in which Spire Global micro satellites provisionments for imagining for weathering Data gathering also weather reconnaissance’s placing it into LEO- Low Earth Orbit in which provide marine navigational assistances….

However with RocketLab has been increasing the scale of production with it primary launch carrier rocket the Electron in which recently it been manufacturing it Rutherford engines in its Huntington Beach California operations in which that facilities manufactures the 3D printed Rutherford Engines in a scale of one hundred per year to mean launch customer demands in which Rocket Lab yet to achieve an every seventy two hour launching cycle for the micro Satellite market.. With a full constructed manufactured assemble Electron Rocket Carrier Rocket per week cycle… in way of Manufacturing Commercial Airliners Aircraft of Airbus and Boeing…  to meet the launch calendar of 2018 to 2019 year..

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