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As during this June 2018 month Cathay Pacific Airways receives its first Airbus 350-1000 from Airbus, France, Toulouse among with twenty six orders to complete the A350-1000 fleet in which the Airways requires more pilots also crew the new A350-1000 fleet…. One off the many- multiple integrated elements of running the airline family, is the Pilots is one of those elements in which one pilot Training Pilot Captain Ron Chan explains his everyday- dallies

In which those dailies goes into the daily life of a Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777 training captain pilot Ron Chan, in a Short Haul flight from Hong Kong International Airport in Already tomorrow In Hong Kong to Japan… Captain Ron Chan Explains his daily routine from arriving to the Airport in checking into Cathay Pacific’s office at HKIA in which meeting up with his co- pilot among in the processing any necessary paper work weather, flight plans towards their destination his cabin crew before the flight with the debriefing what’s to come onboard the transiting bus to their flight….  Apond before that process he has to goes through customs and immigration to clear any required paper work from there…

Cathay Pacific Airways – Boeing 777 the fleet.. Photographer @KevinJamesNg

As they bound for the flight, there are other required paperwork involve, pre- checking the aircraft seeing it flight warranted, the flight logs from the previous… in which as they preparing with the passengers, boarded for flight in which then they begins to taxiing, taking off from the runway from Hong Kong International Airport… has they bounded for Japan in which as they bounded during the flight they make many increments during the flight, communication with the crew also the passengers is important to keep it up  what’s going on.. As they bound to Japan landing, docking with the required terminal.. As the passengers disembark the flight….. After the flight there are many behind the scenes paperwork also clean up on the aircraft.. in which is the documentation of the flight, the aircraft is……

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