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On a Wednesday clear spring Morning 0733 Hours Beijing time, 16th May 2018 North West China … with the successful launch of a Home grown China’s first private Space Company One Space –China… Launching Chongqing Lianjiang Star Carrier rocket travelling up to an attitude of 273 Kilometers at Mach five – at velocity of six thousand Kilometers per hour, holding its presenting trajectory for 306 seconds till it was out of fuel in which launching its first successful flight of the OSX Carrier rockets in which is design to launch micro –cube satellites into low earth orbit or towards Sub –Orbital flights…  in which One Space-China is the first Private Company to be license to launch its series of Carrier Rockets.. in its testing launch, the company has develop a rapid carrier rocket turn around process in which it aims to launch smaller cube Satellites into sub orbital positions..

As the Animation show its featured core rocket as it is the OSX Carrier Rocket series in which comes with multiple design payload flaring in which is design for different payload specifications… the OSX Carrier rocket is primary a Solid Rocket Motor, in which is likewise design like the Space Shuttle SRB- Solid Rocket Boosters.. That provides the additional propulsion…. Built with a Home grown manufacturing guidance avionics systems also with ground base assistance to guide its trajectory into towards its target trajectory Position…  in this the OSX is only the first among with its Carrier Product line with the further development of the OS-M1, OS-M2, and then OS-M4 to handle launch heavier payloads into orbit… with the CNSA – China National Space Administration Long March Carrier Rocket series as its inspiration …

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