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Test flight launch on a Wednesday clear spring Morning  0733 Hours Beijing time ,  16th May 2018 North West China … with the successful launch of a Home grown China’s first private Space Company One Space –China… Launching Chongqing Lianjiang Star Carrier rocket travelling up to an attitude of 273 Kilometers at Mach five – at velocity of six thousand Kilometers per hour, holding its presenting trajectory for 306 seconds till it was out of fuel… In which during that launch One Space was also gathering flight data for the next test launch to make out any modifications need for efficiency …..

Currently One Space-China Chongqing Municipality, first to be licences to launch Carrier Rockets.. Founded in 2015 August by Mister Shu Chang CEO-Founder with his private company has two light small medium Carrier Rockets series the OS-X also OS-M in Carrier Rocket fleet… the OX-X is the first that was maiden launched in which was a seven point two Tonnes nine meter long Rocket in which it traveling range is five minutes at a maximum attitude of least thirty nine kilometers…

As One Space continues to develop their small medium size commercial rockets three are in variant configurations to launch different size of weight of payload… Are the OS-M1, OS-M2, and then OS-M4………  As a Carrier launch provider once the momentum starts… The company expects to launch micro, cube satellites into orbit on a rapid repetitive cycle than to American- New Zealand launch based company  Rocket Lab…  One Space differs differently than the China state own CNSA- China National Space Administration in where their payload is heavier with a different customer requirement based market…….

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