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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport has been recognized by the IATA-International Air Transport Association as leading innovating world leaders of CEIV Pharma- Center of Excellences for independent Validators in pharmaceutical logistics among with Cathay Pacific Group achieving IATA CEIV Pharma Certification in recognition of the capabilities of the operator operations in which delivering Pharmaceutical Shipments in which Hong Kong International Airport provisionment in completing an end to end solution for pharmaceutical products in a highest quality delivery ensurance of safe, temperature controlled way with efficiency…

In which that awarding also goes to the other three partners within Hong Kong International Airport at Its three Cargo Terminals Cathay Pacific Services, Asia Airfreight Terminal limited, also Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals limited… In with three Ramp Handing Operators partners with in collaboration Hong Kong Airport Services Limited, Jardine Aviation Services Limited also SATS HK Ltd, along with Cathay Pacific Group……

The Process of Delivery towards the Family Doctor’s Clinic in Hong Kong… Hong Kong International has an ultra-mega Hub for Cargo transportation in which it handles ever increasing five million tonnes of Cargo also airmail in the year 2017 calendar, with high quality degree of efficiency with a high flight frequency travelling over two hundred and twenty destinations including to fifty mainland China with being at the center of the Asia it has an extensive air servicements network reaching half of the world’s population in five hours..

With that Network Vaccines delivery to Hong Kong Region can be delivering within forty eight hours from the Laboratory factories in which the temperature control process begins with the cold storage units from Europe its control temperature is in between two to eight degrees Celsius constantly during its route to landing arriving at Hong Kong in which Hong Kong International Airport provides a complete solution end to end from Unloading to instantly transport in a cool Dolly transport aircraft container …… ensuring that the Pharmaceuticals products are safely stored in a cold control storage units in Cargo releasement efficient process…

HKIA – as innovatingly employs two devices to ensure maximum protection of pharmaceutical products against outside temperature fluctuations given its twenty five degrees Celsius outside the unit cooling the Pharmaceutical products are always keep constantly at between two to eight degrees Celsius in which are monitor always extremely for quality assurances with sensory equipment that attached at the container internally powered real time..  In which that sensory data is shared with the logistics linked to building management system.. Also the Cargo Operators have adapted to strict practices for high quality control to ensure  with variant temperature control cool rooms for delicate Pharmaceutical products …  then its process within twenty four hours of customs then it transported towards temperature control safely  towards the required doctor’s clinics, or hospitals…… in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong…..

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