#CNSA China National Space Administration #國家航天局 | #BeltAndRoadinitiative #LongMarch4C Launching the world first full spectrum Hyper spectral #Satellite for #Environmental- #EarthSciences #Gaofen5…..




On ninth of May 2018, Five days after the launch of CNSA- China National Space Administration Long March CZ 3B/E Carrier Rocket from Sichuan Province Xichang Satellite Launch Center launching an APSTAR-6C Satellite telecommunications Satellite at 0228 morning Beijing time in which with a altitude of 708 Kilometers with an orbital inclination of ninety eight degrees..

Launching from many launching complexes facilities of CNSA is from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, northern China.. Launching the Payload is the Long March 4C Carrier rocket in which is this this also a night time launch aswell of the previously five days/ nights ago.. Launching the 274th flight of the Long March 4C Carrier Rocket.. in which is flight is design for the Belt and Road initiative…

CGTN- CNSA China National Space Administration #國家航天局 | Belt And Road initiative LongMarch4C Launching the world first full spectrum Hyper spectral Satellite for Environmental- Earth Sciences Gaofen 5…..

Its payload is the first of its kind, with solar powering up the eight year operational life cycle Gaofen five Built with a full spectrum Hyper Spectral to scan the planetary surface also atmosphere on multiple levels with a high end infrared detector with differential absorption spectrometer for tracing gases in which to monitor greenhouse gaseous.. To observed on numerous cases like data observationally collecting analysis like for Climate Change on the environment….  The Gaofen Five is built on by the SAST Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology SAST-5000B also its parent company CASC – China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation…..  in which providing with six sensors to complete comprehensive observation

Advanced Hyperspectral Imager (AHSI)

Visual and Infrared Multispectral Sensor (VIMS)

Greenhouse-gases Monitoring Instrument (GMI)

Atmospheric Infrared Ultraspectral (AIUS)

Environment Monitoring Instrument (EMI)

Directional Polarization Camera (DPC)

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