#CNSA China National Space Administration #國家航天局 | #BeltAndRoadinitiative launches #LongMarch11 Carrier Rocket launching five #Zhuhai1 satellites in to Orbit..

On a Sunny Thursday 26th April 2018 Afternoon at 1242 Hours Beijing time, launching  from one of many CNSA- China National Space Administration launch complex facilities…. Launching from Jiuquan, formally ancient known as Suzhou in the Gansu Province northern western Gobi Desert part of PROC China in which is known with many relics from the ancient Silk Road, with….. In which previously the first two on 15th June 2017..

via CGTN- CNSA China National Space Administration 國家航天局 |Belt And Road initiative launches Long March 11 Carrier Rocket launching five Zhuhai 1 satellites in to Orbit..

Launching from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is with the reliable Solid fuel Long March Eleven Carrier Rocket in which its payload is five Zhuhai-1 satellites in which is designed as remote sensing satellites in provisionments of as an Earth Observation Satellites in which is operated by Zhuhai Orbita Aerospace Science and Technology Company in which is based in south China’s Capital in Canton Province in Guangzhou  in which soon a least than forty minute Express train ride towards Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong’s west Kowloon  station..

Zhuhai-1 Satellites, are powered up by deployable Solar Arrays, in which are least fifty kilograms each a ultra-high Resolution spectra  definition sensing optical installations, in which will provide  high velocities data intelligence providing  agriculture, land and water resources, environmental protection and transport in mapping out terrain on multiple levels .. In which have the resolution of ten meters in a one hundred and fifty Kilometers wide ….

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