#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #HongKong |#HKIA Hong Kong International Airport flying even exceeding higher for a brighter future…


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong#HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport is gearing up as a major world leading innovator International mega hub in connecting as the first port of East Meets West…. In which Hong Kong International Airport has been voted the world’s leader in the busiest Cargo Airport for the eighth consecutive year also the more than the third busiest International Passenger Airport… In ground breaking records exceeding every year of 4.5 million tonnes of cargo with an annually increase of nine point two percent.. Also handling with increasing more of than seventy two million passengers..

Connecting the planet, industries of assortments also connecting- reconnecting lives in providing a world leading smart International Airport experience to travellers adventuring planetary wise.. in which provides its pride in managing efficiently  passengers,  Cargo……  The HKIA communities within also externally drives Hong Kong Region’s Economy exponential growth in creating, innovating leader as bridge to the future…  also Hong Kong international Airport is least than five hours towards the half the planets population with HKIA’s extensive flight network covering all the 220 destinations planet wide  connecting with more than 110 Airliners….

HKIA is also reconnecting –connecting on another layer a Multi modal transport hub covering all the key cities within the PRD- Pearl Delta River also Macao.. Enabling convenient effective journeys towards and from the China.. Via High velocity ferrying also around the clock buses services..

Life well travelled of rows of Cathay Pacific Airways’s Boeing 777-300ER- Photographer @KevinJamesNg

As A Major Hub, Hong Kong International Airport plays an massive integrated engine into the Hong Kong’s Regional Economic Growth As a mega Hub for the Belt and Road Initiative, in which is connecting every single point of everyday lives as provisionments of providing as a supporting innovator developer for producer with professional services for the Financial services, Trading Services, tourism… as that industries grow Hong Kong International Airport is already now constructing the third runway to meet further demands of increasing economic growth..  HKIA is also known as a cultural hub holds organised community and cultural activities to enhance that connection..

Also as developing the now future, it’s people whom works within, externally are the most important assets.. , in which the construction of the HKIA has been forward innovative ahead of its time as innovator with energy saving designs utilizing with Natural Lights- LED lighting also  of sustainable development  of environmental protection with carbon reduction also creating an Aviation Authority it has an HKIA Aviation  Academy it trains the next generation  whom works within in the industries in which providing constant employment.. also it’s about family as its providing at mind with ease facilities like day night care for families, parents whom works within the HKIA..

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