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As part of Asia’s leading Airliner, Cathay Pacific Airways as always collaboratively with community outreach collaborative programs, one partaking with is Learning- AFAR Magazine– in which they undertaken founded eight years ago in providing travelling adventuring information guides in using various media in various platforms in which that relationship working together for the provisionment of opening adventuring exploring experiences to those least a unfortunate –undeserving students to travel aboard in which they don’t have the means to leave their neighbourhood.. In which this ten their lives would be changed growingly evolving … as the comforts zones challenge becomes their life school classroom on a Life Well Travelled……

In that collaboration Cathay Pacific Airways and AFAR magazine in the closing of the year 2017 helped out a group of ten Oakland Californian Students to travel aboard for educational adventuring experiences in handling the student’s passports travels documentations, accommodations travelling to Cambodia… also their educational GPA’s was covered and teachers recommendations..

In Traveling to Cambodia throughout eleven days they experiences in meeting interacting with the local community in helping out with local constructing volunteering projects also as they travel around their new founded experiences opens themselves to braving to newly getting out from their comfort zones in which they found as they first board their first flight on an aircraft that some never have flown before. As the new comfort zones are being challenged the Californian Oakland students share their life experiences with the local Cambodian students as they learn from each other’s cultures… In result become their own ambassadors of their newly shared cultured experiences

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