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On 31 March 2018 Saturday, CNSA – China National Space Administration has launched successfully three satellites within one payload…  from its Northern China province of Shanxi…. In which is the TSLC- Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, in which is a testing and one of many key launch facilities for the CNSA in the Kelan County Xinzhou in which has been founded on 1966 March in which providing to be a testing facilities for designs with various different carrier rockets…  the first was Gaofen 1-one launched on April 2013..

The launch of the CNSA’s Long March 4C with three Gaofen one series weather information satellites..

Launching from the reliable Long March 4C carrier Rocket on a clear Saturday Day… in which is the 270th anniversary flight mission for the Long March 4C series… The three payload satellites in which is the three set of Gaofen one series satellites- Gaofen having a operation services life cycle of in between five to eight years averagely… in which designed, manufactured by China SpaceSat Co limited built on a CAST-2000 bus design.. As a planetary observation Satellite Gaofen one-two, three four launching into Sun Synchronous Orbit…. Waiting is the next series of Gaofen series is five, six, seven then the next is the eighth, ninth, then the tenth…

Translating Gaofen is High Resolution, also known as CHEOS- China High Resolution Earth Observation System, in which provisions in the real time observational data analysis of with high resolution multi spectra equipment imaging system in analysis for assessing environmental disaster warning, emergency response also for the protection for ecological, also providing support for infrastructure construction, transportation…….  With the precession optically of two meters in providing support… the three are place in 120 Km apart, in a 120 degrees orbital plane with a 645 Kilometer attitude above Earth…………………

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