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“…………….It pays to arrive early if you want to be relaxing on The Deck..”


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways have recently introduced The Deck in which… in which arriving really early before your Cathay Pacific flight delightfully at Hong Kong International Airport…. In knowing getting ready for your flight can be stressful, in which a well plan can elevate that in which arriving early… in which located in Terminal One, Level Seven nearby gate 16 is the newest lounge….Open daily from 5:30am until 00:30am Hong Kong Time…………

It has the hallmarks features with of the relaxing lounge of more than a five star hotel as you awaiting your flight well-travelled with the Iconic Cathay Pacific Noodle bar with various meals in an open kitchen concept with various dishes of local classics, regional and Asian dishes of Sichuanese Dan Dan noodles, Singaporean Laksa and Taiwanese Beef noodles.. from the meal or you can made to order with locally inspired dishes with dumplings , Char Siu Buns, and Hong Kong’s Iconic  Won ton  or fish ball noodle soup like you’re still in adventuring in streets stalls of Hong Kong..

There’s two parts resting in the Elegance and Ambiances within The Deck with comfortable designer furniture with soften acoustics in a natural warm environment using the simplistic natural materials to feel at home within the main lounge also spacious The Terrace either you decide to mingle, work or relax before heading towards the next adventuring..  As for convenient Shower rooms are available with five star hotels like spa like amenities…..  In with premium bathing products, fluffy soft towels, with hair and shaving products…  As you begin to work or catching up The Deck – the Lounge is covered by Wi-Fi services to keep you productive.. In which the layout of the Deck is design as an open plan startups offices that you’ll get to mingle with others in generating an ambiances of dialogue and shared conservation…

There are a many Cathay Pacific lounges throughout Hong Kong International Airport with Admittance membership perks The Deck is the current latest lounge in providing all the selection features accumulated of the other feature lounges.. In which providing you towards your next relaxing adventure of Life Well Travelled……

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