#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #國泰航空公司 #CathayPacific | #Airbus350 – Pilot flies Cathay Pacific hot air balloon and #Airbus A350 with Senior Captain Nigel Black…..



For our pilots, flying isn’t just a job. It’s a passion

Flying for Cathay Pacific isn’t about as a job it’s about flying as a Passion as One of many Cathay Pacific’s pilots it is…Flying as a passion as One Senior training Pilot Officer , Captain Nigel Black.. In which he’s being flying for more than twenty six years for the Airline flying in between the Airbus 330’s also the Airbus 350’s joining the airline at the age of twenty one …….

Captain Nigel Black also has another passion of flying, flying Hot Air balloons in which he flies Cathay Pacific’s Balloon in between regions of the Planet Earth, in which one route is from Saga-Japan to Bristol- England in which flying the Airbus 350’s 330’s is more of a technical experience of flying in which flying Hot Air Balloons is more freely like sailing a sailing boat with an every constant relearning nature again on the go of reading the weather beforehand.. In getting the general direction of the wind where it leads, guides us where we want to goes navigating through the skies in a Sky Sailing over the Bristol bridge…  in which the moments that he travel is that “ Quality of the journey has improved every year.. and is more and more important than just getting from point A to B, I believe that enjoying the moment and enjoying the journey is a big part of  Life Well Travelled “

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