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On north western China 17th March 2018 CNSA-China National Space Admistraton has successfully launch a Long March 2D Rocket in which was launch from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at launch Platform 94  at the LC 43  JSLC…..Launched on 0710 UTC, also it was the 268th Mission for the Long March series program…..

Launching into LEO –Low Earth Orbit It’s major payload was a remote land sensing exploration satellite to data collecting analysing for finding resources on Earth in which that satellite is LKW-4  Ludikancha Weixing four……  on the two stage Long March 2D rocket  in which was specifically designed for LEO deployment  also SSO Type Satellites  into a 654 Kilometer in altitude  in which gives the LKW-4 Satellite more capacity range of low orbiting Optically Imaging in which the design linage was based on a Hexagonally design framework as its previous sister of Jianbing ten series with the second generation of Electro- Optical imagining systems  in which was developed by the CAST- China Academy of Space Technology…..

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